Thursday, February 5, 2009

Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

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For someone who is truly interested in learning about compassion, I highly recommend a trip to visit a local farm animal sanctuary. There are a fair amount around the country. For a list of one nearest you, check out the green people website.

Here's the address:

The one that we have gone to a couple of times so far is the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, just outside of Woodstock, New York, in a small town called Willow. The owners, Jenny and Doug, are wonderful people who are true "compassionate" people. They have rescued many farm animals from horrendous conditions and have given them beautiful lives. Most people in modern society, especially those of us living in the city, have never met their "food". They only know what they have been shown on television.

Having met pigs, cows, chickens, goats, sheep and turkeys up close, I can say that it's truly an eye-opening experience. When you see that they are living beings that just want to live, just like you and me, it will make you think twice about eating that ham sandwich.

The farm sanctuaries' main purposes are to teach people about the horrors of factory farming and a lot of people don't realize that that also pertains to the dairy and egg industries, which are actually more inhumane (if that is possible).

When you read some of the stories about how they got some of these animals, it can make you really sad to think that we can do these kinds of horrible things to another being on this planet. Take a look at their website and go visit a sanctuary today. It is a life-changing experience!

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